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Kitchen Remodeling in Lincoln, CA

Discover the perfect blend of style and function with our top-rated kitchen remodeling services in Lincoln, CA. We're dedicated to turning your vision into reality – creating a space you'll love for years to come.

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Kitchen Remodeling Lincoln

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Does your kitchen seem increasingly outdated and in need of a refresh? Are your cabinets losing their luster and showing signs of wear? Are your countertops looking rough and worn down? It might be time to consider a kitchen remodel in Lincoln for your home.

You likely have many questions: what is the cost of kitchen remodeling near me? What steps will be taken during the renovation process? How long will it take, and what exactly is involved? As highly-rated, local kitchen remodeling specialists in Lincoln, we are here to help address all your questions and provide expert guidance on transforming your kitchen into a stunning and functional space.

Kitchen remodelKitchen remodel

Requirements for a Lincoln Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling in Lincoln, CA goes beyond just a fresh coat of paint or new cabinets. It encompasses a comprehensive revamp of your kitchen. You'll need skilled kitchen remodeling contractors in Lincoln who are proficient in HVAC, electrical work, drywall, painting, and demolition.

Thankfully, at our company, we have a team of experienced professionals ready to support you in all aspects of your Lincoln kitchen remodel. Our experts, ranging from demolition specialists to artisans well-versed in their respective trades, can help transform your Lincoln kitchen into an inviting, pleasant space that perfectly reflects your desired style.

Whether you prefer a cozy, welcoming atmosphere or a sleek, contemporary design, we can help you create your dream Lincoln kitchen. Reach out to our Lincoln kitchen remodeling contractors for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, and let's collaborate to develop the perfect space.

Lincoln Kitchen Remodeling Experts

  • Full Kitchen Renovations
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Countertops & Backsplash
  • Contemporary & Modern Kitchens
  • Small & Compact Kitchens
  • 3D Kitchen Design Renderings

What Can I Expect When Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Company Near Me?

The scope of your Lincoln kitchen remodel will determine the process, but typically, demolition is the initial step. While it may be tempting to take a sledgehammer to your walls yourself, we strongly recommend allowing experts to manage every aspect of your Lincoln renovation, including demolition.

This phase also presents an excellent opportunity to replace outdated plumbing and associated fixtures. Often, Lincoln kitchen remodeling projects involve the installation of new lighting and light fixtures. It's advisable to collaborate with a reliable electrical team, like the licensed electricians from our company, to handle this component of your Lincoln kitchen renovation.

Drywall installation and mudding are common tasks during Lincoln kitchen remodeling. Additionally, you'll want to consider the various flooring options available for your remodel. Some flooring materials, such as recycled flooring and bamboo, are eco-friendly and sustainable. Other flooring options are highly resistant to moisture, making them ideal for kitchens where steam, splashes, and accidental spills could damage other types of flooring.

Kitchen backsplashes and cabinets are other areas frequently addressed during Lincoln kitchen remodeling. Each of these elements requires specialized knowledge, and our team at the company possesses the skills and experience necessary to handle all aspects of your Lincoln kitchen remodeling project from beginning to end.

Kitchen remodel with high chairsKitchen remodel with high chairs

What is the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Lincoln, CA?

The cost of a kitchen remodel in Lincoln , CA, largely depends on the extent of work required. For instance, if your goal is to modernize your Lincoln kitchen, upgrade old plumbing, or install new kitchen cabinets, the cost will be lower than a full-scale renovation.

To get a more precise estimate of the cost for your Lincoln kitchen remodeling project, contact our company directly and request a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific needs.

We will visit your home, listen to your ideas, vision, and objectives, and closely examine your existing kitchen and the work required. Our Lincoln kitchen remodeling contractors will assess the situation thoroughly, take accurate measurements, and determine the optimal plan of action. This way, you'll have a clear understanding of the cost and the breakdown of work needed to bring your Lincoln kitchen renovation project to life.

Highly Rated Kitchen Remodelers Near You

As highly rated kitchen remodelers in your area, we provide exceptional remodeling services and expert insights to manage every aspect of your project. Millsaw Construction will visit your home and take the time to comprehend your preferences, ideas, objectives, and vision. Our kitchen remodeling specialists will also examine your current kitchen to determine the necessary work. We will conduct a detailed assessment and take accurate measurements to devise the most suitable plan of action.

Only the Finest Quality Materials are Used by Our Kitchen Remodelers

As a distinguished Lincoln kitchen remodeling company, we've built strong relationships and collaborations with various kitchen installers and designers. This enables us to offer you top-notch materials and professionals at highly competitive pricing.

Here are some examples of high-quality kitchen elements our kitchen remodelers can help you with:

Kitchen Cabinets – Our remodelers work with a wide range of cabinetry styles, periods, colors, materials, and designs, from classic Shaker cabinets to sleek high-gloss cabinets. As kitchen remodeling experts, we can identify the perfect style for you, whether you prefer charming country cabinets or modern soft-close glossy cabinets. We work with stock, custom, and semi-custom cabinetry, offering you an extensive selection of storage solutions for your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops – Millsaw Construction's kitchen remodelers offer a variety of countertop styles to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements, including granite, marble, Corian, and laminate. With an array of materials at our disposal, such as natural and engineered stone, our kitchen remodeling experts can provide you with countertop surfaces in various styles and with varying levels of heat, mold, and stain resistance.

Backsplashes – Our Lincoln kitchen remodeling experts can find the perfect backsplash to complement your countertop and overall kitchen design, whether you prefer subway tiles, metal tiles, stylish glass, ceramic tiles, or mosaics. From full-height backsplashes to the traditional 4-inch backsplash, our kitchen remodeling specialists will find the ideal option for your cooking needs and personal style preferences.

Appliances – While functionality is crucial for appliances, it's equally important that they blend seamlessly with your kitchen remodel's overall theme. Our skilled kitchen renovation team can easily recommend the ideal mixers, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and other kitchen appliances that will not only complement your versatile style but also serve you well for years to come.

We are proud to collaborate with professional contractors and suppliers who provide only the highest-quality kitchen components.

What is the Timeline for a Kitchen Remodel Starting from Demolition?

A typical kitchen remodeling project in Lincoln, CA, usually takes around 4 to 8 weeks to finish. However, if your space is large and requires wall demolition or other major structural changes to the home, you should expect the project to take 8 to 12 weeks in total.

During this period, it's advisable to make alternative arrangements for your daily cooking needs, such as setting up a temporary kitchenette in another area or relying more on takeout meals than usual.

Why Choose Millsaw Construction?

Customer First Approach

The foremost aspect of Millsaw Construction is our dedication to putting our clients first, with our kitchen remodelers focusing on catering to your specific needs.

From the initial consultation with our kitchen remodeling experts to discussing your project, through the design and planning stage, and all the way to construction and final delivery, your preferences, requirements, and vision will steer the project.


Our skilled kitchen remodeling specialists are committed to integrating your desired aesthetic into your living spaces, whether it's a contemporary minimalist look, a cozy rustic feel, or a classic traditional design.

While your chosen design is entirely up to you, a few key factors contribute to a visually appealing and durable project: premium materials, top-notch craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. Every project tackled by our kitchen remodelers encompasses all these elements, working in harmony to achieve the look you desire. Outstanding renovations and remodels are as much about the unseen construction aspects as they are about the visible design.


Every client our kitchen remodelers collaborate with has budget concerns to some degree. No matter the project's scale or financial reach, our customers want assurance that they're getting the best value for their investment.

That's why our kitchen remodeling professionals go above and beyond to educate our clients on the costs associated with their projects, clarify the reasons behind them, and discuss how changes can impact the overall expenses.

However, it's essential to remember that with remodeling contractors, you generally get what you pay for. While Millsaw Construction aims to deliver exceptional value on every project, we also recognize that your home is an investment. You deserve top-quality, lasting results that will yield returns on your investment for years to come.

The Complete Solution

Millsaw Construction stands out by offering a comprehensive solution for all your renovation requirements. With over 30 years of commitment to quality, our kitchen remodeling contractors possess the expertise, experience, and customer-oriented work ethic to address any issues promptly as they arise.

Feel free to reach out to us and let's discuss making your dream home a reality.

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