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Bathroom Remodeling in Roseville, CA

Don't settle for an outdated or cramped bathroom. Our expert team can turn your vision into a reality. From modern designs to elegant fixtures in Roseville, we'll create a space that suits your style and needs.

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Bathroom Remodeling Roseville

Roseville Bathroom Renovation Contractor

Feeling like your bathroom needs a makeover? Want a fresh new look that reflects your personal style and fits within your budget? Need to make your bath or shower more accessible for a long-term stay at home?

You're in luck! Millsaw Construction is your premier choice for bathroom remodeling in Roseville and nearby areas. Our skilled professionals have years of experience and expertise in delivering top-notch bathroom renovations, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

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What's Included in a Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Residential bathroom remodeling in Roseville can entail a wide range of tasks. You may need to replace your shower or bathtub, either because it's outdated or to make it more accessible. Alternatively, you may be looking to expand your space and install new flooring, vanity, and other fixtures.

No matter how big or small your Roseville bathroom renovation project is, Millsaw Construction is here to deliver exceptional service at an unbeatable price. Let us help you turn your bathroom remodeling vision into reality. Discover the many ways we can assist you with your Roseville bathroom renovation today!

Types of Bathroom Remodels

Shower Wall Materials

  • Prefab / Acrylic
  • Tile & Grout
  • Engineered Marble
  • Granite / Quartz

Roseville Bathroom Remodeling Experts

  • Master & Guest Bathrooms
  • Small & Compact Bathrooms
  • Wet Area Renovation
  • Tub to Shower Conversions
  • Custom Walk-In Showers
  • Shower Replacement
  • Walk-In Bathtubs

Why Choose a Roseville Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

If you reside in Roseville or nearby areas, you may be wondering why a bathroom renovation could benefit you. First and foremost, it can enhance the value of your Roseville home, particularly if you're considering putting it up for sale. However, even if you're not planning to sell, you may want to consider a bathroom renovation for your Roseville home if you need additional space or want to give an outdated or worn-out space a complete makeover.

Bathrooms that are outdated can leave a poor first impression of your house. If you've been in a bathroom that hasn't been updated since the 1970s, that image lingers in your mind. If you're feeling cramped and lacking space in your Roseville bathroom, and with a busy family lifestyle, where everyone needs to fit in their daily routine of showering, brushing, and other activities, you'll quickly realize that you need a local bathroom renovation contractor.

However, even if you don't need a modern or updated look, you may notice that your bathroom appears dirty and worn, no matter how much you clean. That's where Millsaw Construction, your trusted Roseville bathroom remodeling contractor, comes in. We can provide you with a complete bathroom renovation that will breathe new life into your space and make it feel clean and fresh once again.

Transform Your Bathroom with Top-Rated Bathroom Remodeling Near You

Years of cleaning your bathroom with harsh chemicals can leave your floors looking dull and dirty, regardless of how clean they really are. Foot traffic, steam, and spills can all contribute to an unimpressive appearance. That's why many Roseville homeowners choose Millsaw Construction to help them realize their dream of expanding or renovating their bathrooms. Our extensive experience and many satisfied clients in the area are a testament to our unparalleled service.

Whether you want to install new flooring, widen the space, upgrade your toilet, tub, or shower, or add a new vanity, your Roseville bathroom can be transformed into a peaceful sanctuary or an organized space where everything, from towels to toothbrushes, has its place. Trust Millsaw Construction, the top-rated bathroom remodeling company near you, to provide you with exceptional service and results that exceed your expectations.

Bathroom remodel with gold accentsBathroom remodel with gold accents

What to Expect During a Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Before starting a bathroom renovation in Roseville, there are numerous decisions to make. If you have a growing family, you may want to enlarge your bathroom and add a second sink.

Choosing the right flooring is also crucial. Tile is a popular option due to its moisture resistance, while vinyl flooring, also known as resilient flooring, is another excellent choice that is practically waterproof and easy to clean. Furthermore, many popular flooring types today can mimic the appearance of real stone, tile, or wood flooring without the upkeep.

Some people even opt for a wet room instead of a separate shower. This is a room where the entire space functions as a shower, and water is drained through a hole in the floor. Naturally, every area of the room must be waterproof for this kind of project. At Millsaw Construction, our bathroom remodeling experts in Roseville can provide you with advice and guidance on your renovation, regardless of what you're looking for!

Is It Possible to Renovate a Small Bathroom?

Absolutely! Even if your bathroom is small, there are numerous methods to make it appear larger during a bathroom renovation in Roseville. For instance, a pedestal sink can provide a slimming appearance to the bathroom, while glass shower doors can create a sense of spaciousness. Additionally, proper lighting can make a small space appear more extensive. Even the tiniest bathroom can be transformed into a stunning and welcoming space with the right Roseville renovation team by your side, and you can trust Millsaw Construction to provide just that!

Furthermore, all of our Roseville bathroom remodeling contractors are licensed and certified, ensuring that your renovation project is handled by true experts who excel in their fields. Our team of electricians, plumbers, flooring specialists, and HVAC professionals are among the best in the remodeling industry, so you can have confidence that your residential bathroom remodel in Roseville is in good hands.

Receive an Estimate for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project in Roseville, CA

If you have any inquiries about the cost of bathroom remodeling for your Roseville home, we'd be delighted to speak with you in greater detail about it! Contact us today or complete the estimate form on our website for a consultation and cost evaluation. Our Roseville remodeling experts will come to your location to learn more about what you dislike about your bathroom and to understand any ideas or inspiration you may have for what you want to achieve. Even if you're unsure, we can assist you in optimizing your space utilization and creating a look that you'll adore for years to come.

Now is the perfect time to consider a bathroom renovation in Roseville. With a wide range of beautiful styles, eco-friendly flooring, stunning showers, and accessible tubs, there are many designs and looks that can complement your home decor, lifestyle, and family's needs. When requesting estimates from different Roseville bathroom remodeling companies, make sure Millsaw Construction is among them and discover how affordable your bathroom renovation project can truly be!

Choose a Professional Bathroom Remodeling Contractor and Achieve the Beautiful Bathroom You Deserve!

With numerous five-star reviews in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and more, we invite you to discover why Millsaw Construction is quickly becoming one of the top bathroom remodeling companies in Roseville. Let our experienced experts work for you to create a new bathroom that perfectly captures your style, creativity, and needs for both you and your family. We can handle all types of bathroom renovations in Roseville, so contact us today for a cost analysis for your bath remodel and let us take care of all your renovation needs!