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Bathroom Remodeling Done Right

The bathroom is the first place you go to when you wake up, and it’s the last room you visit before you go to bed. It’s an important room in the house that should be everything you want it to be.

Remodeling your bathroom is an important job that should be done the right way. That means, you’ll have to plan it correctly and you’ll need to hire the key people who can turn your bathroom into the room you want it to be.

From the sink, toilet, and shower to the countertops and flooring; there’s a lot to think about when designing and renovating a bathroom so you’re going to want to hire the right people for the job!

Bathroom Remodeling Done Right

Bathroom Renovation to Express Your Creativity

If you’re renovating your master bathroom, feel free to dream big! After all, your guests may not see much of this area, but you will – and you want it to encompass everything about your unique style and personality.

In addition, many homeowners decide to have extra storage added to their bathroom, such as cabinets and overhead areas, to store linens, cleaning products and other necessities close at hand, but out of the way. Reducing clutter this way also makes the rest of the home look neater and tidier.

And if you want to make even more of an impact, consider the energy efficiency of a bathroom remodeling project. Modernizing your bathroom with energy efficient lighting, showers, faucets and even flooring can help you go green while saving some green.

Bathroom Renovation to Express Your Creativity

Features to Consider Before the Bathroom Remodeling

We understand how important the bathroom is at your house. And we use our expertise to turn a bathroom not just into a room that looks good, but more importantly that creates a more functional, elegant space that will impress not just yourselves, but everyone who steps in it.

We have the experience, expertise, and desire to turn your vision into a reality.

However, let’s first take a look at some important features you want to consider before starting your bathroom remodeling project:

  • Bathtub and Shower

    The bathtub is the centerpiece of your bathroom and it is good to consider it early on in the planning process. After you decide on what type of tub you’d like, we can figure out the size and price and how the rest of the bathroom should look around your beautiful new bathtub. While looks certainly come into play, choosing a bathtub and shower is impertinent to the functionality of your bathroom.

  • Wall Surrounds and Tile

    The colors and patterns in your bathroom tile will really set the mood inside your new bathroom. Whether you’d like your bathroom to feel lively and energetic, or calming and mellow; it all starts with the bathroom tile and wall surrounds. There are a lot of options for bathroom tile so determining the look and tone is a crucial part of capturing the bathroom of your dreams.

  • Mirrors

    You can’t move forward with your bathroom renovation until you have put some thought into how you are going to get ready in the morning, and a mirror is going to be needed. There are an infinite amount of mirrors to choose from out there, and your mirror could impact the tile you choose, so making sure the mirror fits with the rest of your bathroom and is the correct size should come as early in the process as possible.

  • Sinks and Vanities

    The sink and vanity might be the items you spend the most time alongside in your bathroom. These two things serve multiple purposes and all of them should be considered. Some things to think about when choosing a sink and vanity should be: size, color, amount of people you’d like to be able to use at the same time, and the overall look you’d like to capture.

  • Bathroom Flooring & Lighting

    From the ceiling, all the way down to the floor, flooring and lighting will be a big part of how comfortable your bathroom feels. Getting the perfect brightness by choosing the right lighting fixture, which will then be complemented by the type of flooring you choose.

  • What About Plumbing?

    Taking into account the age of the home and when the bathroom was worked last, we will want to work together to look into the plumbing. Your bathroom will be completely new once we’re done, from inside the walls to what you see when you first open the door.

The Steps for a Bathroom Remodel

We as contractors with experience in helping our clients’ vision come to life when remodeling their bathroom. Before we get started, let’s look at the steps to remodel your bathroom:

  • Step 1: Connect

    After reading this and taking a look at our website, it’s time to connect with us. Get in touch by calling us at 916-221-8970 to set up a no obligation $150 consultation. (We apply the fee towards your project when you have us do the work)

  • Step 2: Scope of Work

    The next step will be to determine the current status of the bathroom and what you envision it looking like when the job is done. Before we start working on your bathroom renovation, we want to know everything you are hoping for and how we can satisfy your needs. It’s important to go over every inch of the bathroom to begin the process of deciding on how we want your new bathroom to look based on your preference. The scope of work will give us an idea of the timeframe and what it will take to get the job done.

  • Step 3: Budget

    Next, we take the first steps into turning your vision into reality by putting your preferred ideas into a scope of work, in which it follows the order of construction and gives you a clear budget of what your bathroom remodel is going to cost you.

  • Step 4: Contract

    After we share the scope of work and budget with you, and you are satisfied with the proposal, now it’s time to sign the contract. The contract will consist of breaking down a list of items we’ll be using, as well as, how soon we’ll get started on the project, and overall the total cost of the job. Before signing the contract, we may need to look into getting a work permit. This is usually determined based on the extent of remodel you are looking to do, especially if the renovation will include installing new or removing existing plumbing or electrical. Also, a lot of times when filing for permit, the building department request architectural drawings of the remodel. If such blueprints will be needed, we will then bring in a design/architect firm and have the project drawn for you to the building code requirements. This process is an extra cost to the total project.

  • Step 5: Material Shopping

    A lot of times the owner/owners ask, “how do I get my finish materials?” I know what I want or have ideas but, I have no clue on how to find the products. Well, this is when we go on a “Bathroom Remodel” shopping date to all the available suppliers and we carefully choose the materials needed for your remodel based on your ideas, wants and needs. If you should have any special order items or things that are not available in stock, we then go on available websites and order the things you want and have them in place ready for remodel when it comes to doing the work.

  • Step 6: Construction

    The introduction has been made. The scope of work and budget has been created, the contract has been signed, finish materials have been purchased and permits have been pulled (if needed). The next step is for us to roll up our sleeves and get started on your bathroom remodel project.

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